South Bend, IN

Designer/ Fabricator:
Cardosi Kiper Design Group

Robinson Community Learning Center

The Robinson Community Learning Center (RCLC) in South Bend, Indiana is an off-campus educational initiative that is part of University of Notre Dame. RCLC provides educational classes, enrichment programs, and theater activities for all ages. The center recently moved a block north to a new facility and needed updated signage. They developed a new logo and branding that features bright and colorful abstract figures.   

Robinson Community Learning Center

When the center moved to the new facility it was important to bring the original outside mural along with them. “The locals have long recognized the mural as the most identifiable feature of its façade.”  The artwork was originally created by RCLC students and reflects their own individual learning journey. It was painted onto a plywood that has since faded and warped over the years due to exposure to the elements. RCLC hired Cardosi Kiper Design Group, a communications design firm located in Chicago, Illinois to help restore and bring the artwork back to life.  

The team decided to digitally recreate the artwork and have it reproduced with High Pressure Laminate (HPL), a weather-resistant material that can stand up to harsh environments. They wanted to make sure the mural looked as close to the original paintings as possible, so a textured look was added to replicate the plywood finish. Ted Kiper recommended iZone Imaging’s HPL, as he has been a client for over twenty years. Kiper stated that “iZone’s HPL material will be able to withstand the test of time with the sun and varied climates.  It will hold the color well too.” Affixed to the exterior of the building using an aluminum rail system, the mural has been restored to its original color and will continue to stay vibrant for years to come.