Installation & Mounting

Find the right mounting solution with iZone’s complete post and panel assemblies, available in multiple styles and configurations.

Durable & Secure

Your Perfect Sign Mounting Solution

Mounting solutions are available in a number of styles and configurations, all designed to accommodate iZone’s durable and vibrant CHPL panels.

Mounting Finish Options
Mounting Finish Options3
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Single Post Mounts

iZone’s single post mounting options come framed or unframed and can be installed securely in ground or surface mounted. This mounting solution is sure to accommodate your CHPL panel without distracting your visitors from the beauty of your signage.


Double Post Mounts

Double post mounting offers both framed or unframed options along with a slotted post for a concealed fastener or bracket mount for easy maintenance. This tough, yet simple design, will ensure that your CHPL panel is installed securely.


Rail and Wall Mounts

We offer rail and wall mounts to compliment your CHPL panel. No matter how unique your project needs are, iZone has the solution you are looking for to ensure your project will make a lasting impression.


Flexible Mounting Solutions

Your customized project isn’t complete without the perfect mounting solution. Our single-post, rail mount, and wall mount solutions are guaranteed to safely secure your project while showcasing your message and design.