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Inspire & engage your visitors with High Pressure Laminate that brings your creative vision to life.

Why iZone?

Protect the Integrity of your Design

iZone Imaging’s Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL) offers unlimited design and branding opportunities with cost-effective longevity. Our CHPL is completely customizable and available in a wide variety of thicknesses, making it the perfect choice for branded or themed environments.

  • High-Res Digital Color Imaging
  • Durable for Interior and Exterior Environments
  • Fade, Scratch and Graffiti Resistant
  • Responsibly Sourced Core Material
  • 10-Year Warranty
We Deliver the Fastest Lead Times

because we print, press and finish under one roof.

Custom Compact Laminate Art


A Trusted & Time-Tested Process

Extremely durable and fully machinable, high pressure laminate is made from multiple layers of kraft paper that are pressed and fused together with heat and pressure, and then cooled to become a single, solidified panel of thermoset plastic.

Free Sample Kits

See the Proof for Yourself

We’re confident you will love our product just as much as we do, which is why we’re happy to send you a sample kit. See, feel, and experience first-hand the durability and vibrant printing of iZone’s CHPL solution.

iZone Request a Sample Graphic

Artwork Requirements

Help Bring Your Designs to Life

We collaborate closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life. iZone has a broad array of capabilities to match your vision. We want to make this process easy for you. Download our full artwork requirements to answer all of your questions.

Specify at a Glance

When designing a project, you’re juggling a lot of details. Download our “Specs Page” for an in-depth look at specifying iZone’s CHPL.

Panel Size & Thickness

Our maximum sheet and panel size is 60” x 144”. Oversized images can be created by tiling multiple panels with index cut seams. Panels range from 1/16″ sanded back laminate to 3/4″ compact laminate panels. Panels can be cut into any shape so if you can draw it, we can cut it.

Finish Availability

All finishes are available in both interior and exterior displays to ensure consistency throughout your entire project. 

MATTE Features, a subtle, narrow grain structure and low glare surface. Recommended for all horizontal and vertical applications.

SATIN A smooth finish, reproducing a medium sheen surface. Recommended for interior surfaces in either horizontal or vertical applications.

ICE A very finely stippled texture that minimizes smudges and fingerprints and improves scratch resistance. Recommended for all horizontal and vertical applications.

iZone Prototype Full-Sized Panel Layout

Request a color sample

Gain Assurance that Your Design is Perfect

During the final review process, we can provide you with an 8”x10” section of your design.

Request a sample during the quoting process to ensure an accurate quote.

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