Calgary, Alberta

Designer/ Fabricator:
F&D Scene Changes LTD.

Brawn Family Foundation Bugtopia

Calgary Zoo’s newest attraction Brawn Family Foundation Bugtopia is perfect for children and families of all ages. The new nature inspired playground located in the Canadian Wilds at the zoo is all about bugs. Cross the bridge and immerse yourself in the playful world of insects and how they are vital creatures to our ecosystem.

The park includes life size bugs, insects and bats that are structured within the three themed towers of pest and protectors, pollinators and decomposers. The exhibit is very interactive and allows children to burn energy while providing them with educational information. There are multiple interpretive signs throughout the playground sharing information about the slimy, squishy, fuzzy and beautiful bugs.

Calgary Zoo worked closely with F&D Scene Changes to bring the park to life. From design, construction and installation, the team had a vision in mind for the community. The accessible and inclusive playground offers a nice viewing area and playground equipment, mixed with bright educational material.  F&D Scene Changes chose iZone Imaging’s High Pressure Laminate for majority of the interpretive signage throughout the exhibits. The signs are eco-friendly and can withstand the high traffic interactive area over time.