Jefferson, OR

The Alchemy of Design

Ankeny Hill Nature Center

The Ankeny Hill Nature Center is about 75 miles south of Portland, Oregon. It is located in the Ankeny Hill National Wildlife Refuge, since it is one of the most beautiful and bird-rich spots in Oregon. Prior to the center and rails being built, there was very little space for people to come and view the refuge and its massive bird population. The Alchemy of Design was brought on to help complete the design and install. High Pressure Laminate panels were used for the entrance and interpretative signs throughout the center. The new visitor center allows people to experience the refuge and get a better understanding of what they are viewing, including the interpretation of the migrating birds.   

The Nature Center was made possible with the partnership between the nonprofit, Salem Audubon Society and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Salem Audubon Society funded the building design and construction, while USFWS provided the land, built roads, trails and more. Ankeny Hill Nature Center provides interpretation and environmental education for people of all ages, culture and abilities. The center includes a volunteer base camp, two trails, an indoor and outdoor classroom, restored upland prairie and wetland habitats and an overlook interpretive area.  

Ankeny Hill Nature Center Entry Sign

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– Alan Ransenberg, Lead Alchemist, The Alchemy of Design