San Jose, CA

Quatrefoil Associates 

Group Delphi 

Virtual Science Center

Virtual Science Center (VSC) is a Silicon Valley-based educational nonprofit that strives to ignite interest in STEM by creating high-impact, interactive museum experiences featuring innovative technologies. VSC’s first exhibition, Reinventing Reality: Explore the Science of Virtual Reality, premiered at The Lawrence Hall of Science and will travel through the US and Canada on its five year tour. Collaborating with friends and families, visitors experience interactive exhibits that reveal how Virtual and Augmented Reality transform how we see and interact with the world. In the exhibition, visitors see their body mapped out as a point cloud, try out the latest eye-tracking technology, feel the peculiar sensation of being in a virtual body and step into spectacular virtual worlds. 

Virtual Science Center

Reinventing Reality features colorful, vibrant patterns on custom iZone tabletops, wall graphics and interpretive panels. Integrated LED lighting gives the show a glowing, high-tech look that aims to appeal to teens. The show was designed by Quatrefoil Associates in Laurel, MD and fabricated by Group Delphi in Alameda, CA. 

“Using iZone for traveling exhibitions allows us to integrate beautiful, durable, graphics that can withstand museum traffic, are easy to clean and look amazing.”
– Meghan Lee, Executive Director, Virtual Science Center