Kill Devil Hills, NC

Formations Inc.

Wright Brothers National Memorial

The Wright Brothers are an iconic historic duo that made the impossible possible by achieving “first flight.” The historic event is documented at the Wright Brothers National Memorial located in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Visitors are encouraged to be hands on and engage through simple and complex interactives, graphics and other mediums to become a part of the Wright Brothers world and understand the significance of their discovery. 

Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center

The brothers originally started their adventure in Dayton, Ohio but soon realized that they needed an area with sustainable conditions.  After completing some research they decided Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina was the perfect location based on the wind, sand and isolation. The adventure to “first flight” is color coordinated throughout the exhibit to help the viewer keep track of the story from Dayton to Kitty Hawk.  The newly remodeled exhibit allows visitors to explore, challenges they faced and interact with the models that lead to the historic first flight. 

Formations Inc. worked with their client to update the memorial visitor center exhibits by displaying the historic events in an informative and interactive way to keep the visitors engaged.  The memorial required a material that was durable, customizable and flexible while providing excellent colors and clarity. Formations Inc. chose to use  iZones’ Custom High Pressure Laminate panels to replace the exhibits original enamel graphics. The National Memorial has visitors ranging from families, school groups and tourist that require graphics that can withstand interaction and heavy wear for years. 

Formation Inc. graphic designer Zach Magnuson stated  “CHPL was required for this project due to its reliability and longevity.” 

Photos courtesy of Formations Inc.