Moultonborough, NH 

Fabricator/ Designer:
MajaDesign, Inc.

Loon Preservation Committee

The Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) is devoted to raising public awareness about the ecology of loon habitat, threats faced by loons, and the work required to monitor, study, and protect the loons of New Hampshire. After the renovation of their visitor center, LPC staff members turned to MajaDesign to write, design and fabricate beautiful, cohesive exhibits that would engage visitors and showcase the wonderful loons that inhabit the area.

A long time customer and friend, MajaDesign partnered with iZone to create high-quality interpretive panels that encapsulated the vision of the Loon Preservation Committee visitor center. LPC chose iZone’s High Pressure Laminate because of its vibrant colors, extreme durability, ease of maintenance, and 10-year warranty, ensuring enjoyment of the Loon Center for visitors for many years to come.