Sea Cliffs Exhibit New York Aquarium

In 2023, the New York Aquarium, part of the Wildlife Conservation Society, gave a fresh update to their Sea Cliffs exhibit. This outdoor display showcases California sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and African penguins, offering multiple above-water vantage points for visitors. The revamped graphics feature a modern aesthetic and, in line with the aquarium’s commitment to inclusivity, include text in both English and Spanish, marking it as the aquarium’s second fully bilingual exhibit.

The exhibit combines compelling narratives with vibrant, captivating photos to educate guests about the lives of these marine animals and birds, all of which reside on the dynamic boundary between land and sea. Furthermore, the exhibit emphasizes the New York Aquarium’s conservation efforts on behalf of these creatures and provides visitors with actionable steps they can take to support marine wildlife.

Situated on New York City’s Coney Island, just steps from the beach, the New York Aquarium faces the challenges of demanding weather conditions, including intense sunlight, strong winds, and corrosive sea air. To meet these challenges, the aquarium selected iZone’s CHPL (Custom High-Pressure Laminate) material. This choice not only ensures the graphics can withstand the harsh climate but also allows them to serve as functional handrails for visitors. Many guests, especially young children, lean on these railings to get a better view of the animals. The strategic positioning of the graphics enables viewers to read the content while enjoying the exhibit, and the durable nature of this material guarantees that they can fulfill this dual role effectively.