West Palm Beach, FL

Kemp Signs  

Photos courtesy of Kemp signs

Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo has a rich history of growth and development over the past 50 years. With the help of Paul Albert Dreher, who had a passion for landscaping, the zoo has flourished from a small barn into a popular West Palm Beach attraction. Albert Dreher, originally from Germany, played a significant role in acquiring and developing the 108-acre Bacon Park, which was eventually renamed Dreher Park. Under Dreher’s guidance, this park was transformed from landfill to a sprawling zoo, home to over 350 different species of animals from all over the world.

In 2022, Palm Beach Zoo set out to update all animal enclosure exhibit signs. PGAV Destinations worked with Kemp Signs and Services to create interpretive exhibits that identified the natural habitat, behaviors, and diet of the various animals. Because the new sign panels would be located outside in a public space, Kemp Signs and Services knew the exhibit’s materials had to be sturdy and long lasting. iZone’s CHPL was the natural choice because of its specification as a durable and long-lasting sign solution, impervious to water and thermally stable.

Thanks to the collaboration of PGAV Destinations, Kemp Signs and Services, and iZone’s high pressure laminate, visitors will be able to identify and learn about the animals of Palm Beach Zoo for years to come!