Ontario, Canada


Reich & Petch

Point Pelee National Park

Canada’s Point Pelee National Park is located 30 miles southeast of Windsor, Ontario. At the southernmost point of Canada’s mainland, Point Pelee Park is Canada’s second-smallest but most ecologically diverse national park. The park is home to Monarch Butterflies in the fall and migratory birds in the spring. Point Pelee is a location for people to connect with nature and brings in approximately 300,000 people a year.

The park is home to many sites for visitors to experience, including the Tip Shelter. The Tip Shelter interpretive exhibits originated in 1989 and were in need of an update. In 2021, the park partnered with Toronto based companies, Reich & Pech and Holman inc. for design, fabrication and installation. The tower panels provide visitors with information on what they see, such as migrating birds, lighthouses, and nearby islands. The shape of the panel mimics the shape of the landmass- the negative space triangle is Point Pelee.

Reich & Petch and Holman knew the sign materials needed to be tough and long lasting when creating these outdoor exhibit spaces. iZone Imaging’s CHPL panels are durable, fade and graffiti resistant, and are sold with a ten-year warranty. All of these qualities made iZone the perfect solution for the park signs.

“We selected iZone’s CHPL for its durability and ability to withstand the harsh shoreline elements and year-round UV exposure. iZone was able to help us with a rush order in order to meet our deadlines.”

— Chris Marshall, Holman