Rockport, Texas

Fabricator/ Designer:
Museum Arts 

Bay Education Center

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute operates a public interpretive facility called the Bay Education Center located in Rockport, Texas.  The Bay Education Center provides information on the Earth’s oceans, land, atmosphere, and planetary neighbors through stimulating displays and discussions. The center invokes questions and thoughts on how we benefit and connect to our local natural coasts and the planet. 

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a category 4 hurricane, bringing catastrophic flooding to Texas and Louisiana. After withstanding $45 million worth of damage to the Institute’s 70 buildings, recovery first focused on student housing and laboratories. The second phase of recovery, aided by grants from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, began with auxiliary support and visitor centers. The Institute teamed up with Dallas-based Museum Arts and Teal Construction to create and build new interpretive displays.

To create exhibits within the revamped Education Center, University of Texas team members spent time combing through the rubble and pulled out semi-salvaged items. They paired those items with stories they wanted to tell and share with the community. The creative team at Museum Arts took the found objects, combined with new components, and created interpretive displays.  iZone’s Custom High Pressure Laminate was the material of choice for the permanent signage and exhibit panels throughout the center.