San Marcos, TX

Fabricator/ Designer:
San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance

River Recharge Zone – San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance kiosk

The San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance (SMGA), a prominent conservation organization in San Marcos, Texas, is a strong protector of the city’s natural beauty and ecological health. Dedicated to preserving and promoting the interconnected network of green spaces, trails, and natural areas, the Alliance has played a pivotal role in safeguarding the region’s unique environment.

At the heart of the Alliance’s mission lies a passion for environmental education and community engagement. Through strategic partnerships with local governments, private landowners, and fellow conservation organizations, the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance has been instrumental in expanding protected green spaces and creating a robust system of trails that weave through the city’s scenic landscapes. This network not only offers recreational opportunities but also serves as a sanctuary for diverse plant and animal species.

The River Recharge Zone of the Edwards Aquifer, the newest addition to the expanding protected areas, boasts over two miles of trails. In an effort to educate all who hike these trails, Jon Cadit, President of SMGA, took the initiative to develop wayfinding signage. Collaborating with the city of San Marcos and iZone, an informative kiosk was successfully installed at the trail’s entrance. iZone Imaging’s CHPL was the clear choice as a material that could weather the elements, stand the test of time, and present beautifully in the landscape. Today, visitors and locals alike can enjoy and learn about the region’s rich history and biodiversity.

This endeavor underlines SMGA’s commitment to enhancing awareness about local ecosystems and emphasizing the critical significance of preserving them. By blending education and outdoor exploration, projects like these contribute to a broader understanding of the environment.