Bennington, VT

Fabricator/ Designer:
GVH Studio, Inc.

Lake Paran

Paran Recreations, located in North Bennington, VT, is a locally run non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the beauty of Southern Vermont while also offering healthy and educational fun. Visitors enjoy swimming, kayaking, ice fishing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. In addition, the area is proud to share its historical significance as home to the Eastern Algonquian Native American tribes of the Mohican and Wabanaki people and proximity to the former homesite of American poet Robert Frost, which is accessible via one of the many hiking trails.

When Program Director, Camille Kauffman, noticed the lack of educational elements demonstrating the cultural and ecological history of the location, she approached GVH Studio about providing interpretive panels that would share the importance of conserving this treasured area. GVH Studio was happy to develop exhibits and interactive features with the help of the team at iZone, who provided Custom High Pressure Laminate and installation solutions. Today, Paran Recreations is able to provide visitors and locals alike a place to have fun outdoors and also recognize the history and ecology of their surroundings.

Special thank you to Graphic Designer, Yvonne Burdick and Program Director, Camille Kaufman who were invaluable partners in the project, offering great ideas for the signage content and interactive exhibits. In addition, Greg Van Houten, President of GVH Studio would like to also thank the team at iZone, who were “very helpful in identifying the proper solution for the site and making sure we had the appropriate installation option selected. The project was a wonderful addition, and may inspire more story boards in the future”.