Kilgore College

Architectural & Interiors, Case Studies, Wayfinding & Branding

Location: Kilgore, TX
Designer/Fabricator: Museum Arts Inc., Dallas, TX 

Founded in 1935, Kilgore College serves as a junior college, vocation-training center and continuing adult-education facility. The school’s most significant cultural icon, besides its winning football team, is its famous drill team, the Rangerettes, the first drill and dance team to ever perform at athletic events.

About 20 year ago, the College enlisted Dallas based Museum Arts Inc. to create a 22ft. tall wall-mounted architectural graphic to commemorate the Rangerettes’ legacy. Time and the elements had begun to fade and wear on the sign, and it was in need of a serious overhaul. Museum Arts this time contacted iZone to produce the panels that could withstand the hot Texas summers. iZone cut the super-sized Rangerette into seven, 3/4-in. thick CHPL pieces on a MultiCam 3000 CNC router, and Museum Arts was able to assemble the Rangerette onsite.