Norwich, CT

Miranda Creative & State Historic Preservation Office 

Norwich Public Works Department  

Norwich Historical Society

The history of Norwich, Connecticut dates back to 1659 when settlers first purchased land from the local Mohegan tribe. Norwich was one of the largest city’s in the region and was a key trading post where products from Connecticut farms and forests were exchanged for sugar, molasses and rum from the West Indies. In 2001 Bill Stanley and Peg Wilson formed the Norwich Historical Society to protect, preserve and promote the history of Norwich.  Since forming the society, Norwich’s rich history has been shared with the community and continues to improve each year through generous donations.

Norwich Historical Society manages historical properties, memorials, a visitor center and more. The society’s newest addition is the self-guided walking tour called Walk Norwich. Four walking trails cover four hundred years of Norwich’s history and feature many historic sites with interpretive signage. These permanent interpretive displays are placed in Local and National Register Historic Districts to give residents and visitors information about landmark sites along the walking trails.

The Walk Norwich project was funded by City of Norwich’s Sachem Fund and the State Historic Preservation Office. The purpose of the walk is to allow visitors to walk along the historic routes while having informative stopping points throughout the city.  Interpretive signage was designed by Miranda Creative, manufactured by iZone Imaging and installed by the Department of Public Works.

“It was important to have durable long-lasting signs that are impervious to moisture and fade resistant that could tell the stories over many years.”

– Regan Miner, Executive Director Norwich Historical Society