Santa Clara, CA

Ace Design, BFS Landscape Architects

Research and Fabrication:
Bauer Design and Illustration, Ellis & Ellis Sign Systems, Inc.

Martial Cottle Park

Martial Cottle Park is one of Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department’s newest urban parks. The park’s perimeter trail was partially opened to the public in February 2014. The park’s core and the remaining trail system opened in early 2015, and included extensive wayfinding, identification, and interpretive signage. Today, it celebrates California’s shared agricultural heritage and how the tradition of farming and sharing food continues to shape the landscape, people, and history.

In order to guide, educate, and enhance park visitors’ experience and to honor the Cottle-Lester Family, extensive new park signage was required. Designs included a number of detailed and full-color interpretive signs to educate park visitors about the Cottle family history, area wildlife, and the changing landscape throughout the farm’s history. Also, numerous wayfinding, identity, and informational signs were made to help guide visitors throughout the park. iZone’s CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) was specified as the optimal material for the new signage because of its excellent color match, vivid graphics, durability, and graffiti resistance in an urban outdoor setting.