League City, Texas

Ardent Construction LLC

Burditt Consultants & City of League City

League City Trail

League City, Texas is a city of over 100,000 people in Galveston County, within the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Railroad tracks and Main Street were all League City, Texas used to be before the city’s recent growth. Today, the city goes beyond the railroad tracks through the historic area and into the east and west ends.

With the City’s growth, it seemed fitting to have trails that connect communities and offer safe and alternative routes for transportation. Trails link schools, parks, businesses, and neighborhoods. This offers residents and visitors alike the ability to enjoy the beauty of League City and a healthy way to move about.

As the city trails expanded, there was a need for new trail markers. The City and Burditt Consultants worked together to create a sign sytem for the trails. iZone Imaging’s durable Custom High Pressure Laminate was the perfect material for  sign panels as it is impervious to moisture, graffiti resistant and offers a ten-year warranty.

“Brad has been amazing to work with. I truly wish there were more vendor reps like him. Being a general contractor, we come across a lot of different personalities and Brad stands out amongst the best I’ve ever worked with.” 

— Jake Brown, Ardent Construction LLC