Bell County Expo Center

Architectural Graphics, Public Places, Wayfinding & Branding, Case Studies

Location:  Bell County Expo Center, Belton, TX
Design:  Woodward Creative Group
Fabrication & Installation: BH Vaquero Construction

The Bell County Expo Center had installed an arcade on its two plazas as part of an exterior remodeling project. The arcade originally included vinyl banners with the Expo’s logo. However, the durability of the vinyl banners became a problem. iZone’s Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL) product not only provided the required durability, but also allowed for graphics not possible with vinyl. The arcade now features the Expo’s logo with bold background colors and an array of images descriptively portraying the event location. CHPL was also used in the production of ID panels at the main gate to the Expo grounds, which frame the view of the front plaza.