Akron, OH

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Akron Zoo – Wild Asia Exhibit

Akron Zoo is located in Akron, Ohio and has been around since the early 1900’s. It is a place of enjoyment for children and families to be close to the animals and learn about nature and wildlife. The zoo occupies a total of 77 acres. Thirty-five (35) of those acres are developed with exhibits, guest amenities and support facilities, with the hope to continue expanding in the future. Akron Zoo was designed to provide an up-close animal experience. In most of the exhibits you can come nose-to-nose with the animals through the looking glass. This allows the guest to connect and safely engage with the wildlife.  

Wild Asia Conservation

The Lehner Family Foundation Wild Asia is Akron Zoo’s newest exhibit. It recreates the southeast Asia jungles and Himalayan forests. The exhibit includes Sumatran tigers, red pandas and new to the family, a pair of white-checked gibbons. Wild Asia’s lush tree canopies provide a wealth of shade for guests to roam through the exhibit and learn about the animals. Akron Zoo worked with AFH Design, Panzica Construction and Engraphix to build the new exhibit that uses iZone’s High Pressure Laminate signage in primary graphic elements. The signs will educate the visitors about the rare and endangered animals from Asia and how they can help. 

White Cheeked Gibbon

“We decided to use iZone for many reasons. The 1/2” thick rigid panels allowed us to use the sign as a substrate panel and graphic panel all in one. The bright color retention made all of the photos of the animals and text pop.”
– Ed Brimer, Engraphix 

Wild Asia Directional