Chicago, IL 

NPS Harpers Ferry 


Pullman National Monument

Pullman National Monument was founded in 2015 by President Barack Obama for its place in history as one of the first planned industrial cities and its role in American labor history. The Pullman District was founded in 1880 by George Pullman, the owner of Pullman Palace Car Company, and was created to house the company’s employees.

Today the Pullman National Monument receives about 50,000 visitors each year, ready to learn about the park’s rich history. In 2021, renovations of the Pullman Company’s Administration Building included a new visitor center. Color-Ad Signs and Exhibits, had the opportunity to fabricate and install custom exhibit structures and cabinetry, tactile graphics and maps, and thematic elements. The exhibits include features accessible to all with 3D models and Braille lettering. Color-Ad’s in-house craftsmen created freestanding exhibit structures to display artifacts and interpretive panels. The production of the new exhibits was managed by the National Park Service’s Harpers Ferry Interpretive Design Center.

Pullman Monument visitor center needed a material that was durable and that could hold up to high visitor traffic.  NPS Harpers Ferry and Color-Ad chose iZone Imagings Custom High Pressure Laminate for the exhibit materials.  iZone panels were the perfect choice for long-lasting signs and graphics.