Public Places, Wayfinding & Branding, Case Studies

Location: National Mall, Washington, D.C.
Designer: Hunt Design, Pasadena, CA
Fabricator: Color-Ad, Inc., Manassas, VA

The National Park Service and the Trust for the National Mall recently unveiled a new sign system for the National Mall as part of a wayfinding program designed to better orient the millions of annual visitors around “America’s Front Yard.” A 17-foot wide by 8-foot high directory map is now located at the Smithsonian Metro stop on the National Mall. The first of its kind, the map offers a landscape view of the Mall, always oriented to the direction the reader is facing. Half of the map offers a birds-eye view of the Mall and surrounding area and the other half lists places and activities nearby. It is the first installment of a larger $2.2 million effort, financed half by private-sector donations and half by federal funds through the Centennial Challenge. The wayfinding system incorporates nearly 500 new user-friendly signs that are integrated with neighboring sponsors and programs.