Chicago, IL

Ravenswood Studio

Lasers Center & The Blast Shop

Lincoln Park Zoo – Lion Exhibit

Lincoln Park Zoo, located in Chicago, began in 1868 with a pair of gifted swans from New York City’s Central Park. Since then, the zoo’s collection has grown to over 1,000 animals and 200 species. Lincoln Park spans an impressive 49 acres and is one of the few free admission Zoos in the United States.

In 2021, Lincoln Park Zoo reopened its lion exhibit after a two year remodel. The new lion habitat doubled in size and includes signage designed by Chicago based Ravenswood Studio. Interpretive signage informs visitors about the lion’s natural habitat, behaviors, and diet.

Ravenswood worked with Laser Center specialty metal cutting and The Blast Shop powder coating to create two lion-shaped signs structures. Each sign, one male and one female, includes contour-cut interpretive panels from iZone Imaging, sharing information about the lions, along with other 3D models and textures creating a hands-on learning experience for all.

Given the sign’s location, outside in a public space, Ravenswood Studio knew the exhibit’s materials had to be sturdy and long lasting. iZone’s HPL panels were specified for a durable and long-lasting sign solution. Impervious to water and thermally stable, the exhibit panels will hold up to all weather conditions and look like new over the years.